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My wife and I have had the pleasure of working with Sally on three occasions. Two have been the purchase of a home and the other the sale of a home. In each case Sally has exceeded expectations. Her strong suit has to be communication. In each instance, we were up to the minute on the project, regardless of how many issues were in play or the time of day. Sally gave us clear, professional advice on all aspects of the purchases and the sale including pricing, neighborhoods, and how to handle the issues that invariably turn up ( repairs, etc. ) when you buy or sell a home. She is a cool-headed negotiator, which is extremely helpful when crunch time comes, and you are trying to settle on price. Sally doesn’t disappear once the deal is complete. She has always been a resource for us for anything ranging  from getting our home painted to finding a kennel for our dogs. In short, you will have to go a long way before you find a better agent than Sally Masters.


Lawrence Koegel, Jr. -Home Buyer and Seller

It is with tremendous pride that I write this letter of recommendation for Sally Masters.  Sally is very dependable and hard-working.  She is always punctual and well-prepared any time we meet, which made her stand out from other realtors I’ve worked with in the past.  For years her professionalism and attention to detail made a great impression on me and everyone at Kelly Roofing. We all recommend her to our clients looking to buy or sell their home, business or property.  Sally impresses me greatly the way she selflessly volunteers her time to help on local boards, civic organizations and charities.  Her professional knowledge exceeded my expectations.  We have always received excellent feedback from customers which whom we have recommended to Sally.  With her commitment to the profession, professionalism and exceptional personality I know Sally will do a terrific job for you and I give her my highest recommendation.  My contact information is below.  Please feel free to contact me for any additional insights. 


Ken Kelly 


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Ken Kelly